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                         Assist 2018   

            Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children
                            Philadelphia, USA
                          October 22 - 24, 2017

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Fitting Integrated Receivers to Hearing Aids
 When you fit integrated receivers to hearing aids 
that have not previously had integrated receivers, then you will 
need to pull the white sticker off the hearing aids receivers 
connection strips to expose the 4 gold coloured metal strips.  
Inline images 1

Once this has been removed it allows the receiver's corresponding 
metal pins to connect to the hearing aids metal strips and create the 
ability for a Roger/FM transmission to occur.   
Inline images 2
This is also something that can be overlooked by Audiologist
when fitting new aids so if you know that a student has just 
received new equipment - be it hearing aids or RM/FM equipment -
and there is no transmission, then this should be one of the first 
things to check.
IF the Audiologist has fitted the equipment and the sticker has not 
been removed, it means that there was no verification or testing 
completed at the fitting appointment.  So its unlikely, but has 
happened before with straight forward insurance replacements
where there was no additional programming required. 

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