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A Course Forms 2018
Assessment Placement 18
Parent Consent Form 2018
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                                    School Assessment/Placement Courses 
                                        @ van Asch Deaf Education Centre

 Assessment/Placement Course Dates 2018
 Term 1
 Week 6, 5th March
 Week 8, 19th March

 Term 2
 Week 3, 14th May
 Week 8, 18th June

 Term 3
 Week 5, 20th August
 Week 8, 10th September

 Term 4
 Week 3, 29th October
 Week 6, 19th November

Deaf and hard of hearing students, their families and those who support them educationally are welcome to attend assessment visits.

A three-day programme will be negotiated to suit the needs of students attending.

For more information contact:
Kyla Cockrem
Visit Coordinator