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Welcome to the NZSL@School Information page. The purpose of this page is to provide schools, parents and Deaf education professionals involved in NZSL@School with the information and resources required. NZSL@School is a relatively new initiative (2014) and will grow and change to reflect the needs of deaf students, their parents/whānau and schools and any wider changes occurring within special education.  This site will be regularly updated with new information over  the  next  year  for  schoolsparents  and  deaf  education  professionals.  Please review regularly.

What is NZSL@School and what is its purpose?

The  purpose  of  the  NZSL@School  is  to  support  schools  create  learning  environments  so that  deaf  childrenwhose  primary  face ­to­ face  language  is  New Zealand  Sign  Language achieve educationally at the same level as their hearing peers and are confident and secure in who they are as a deaf person. As a result, NZSL@School provides a range of support to  schools, deaf  students  and  parents/whānau,  in  addition  to  any  other  special  education support  deaf  students  receiveto  help  schools  understand  and  provide  learning environments  that  meet  the  learningcommunication  and  cultural  needs  of  deaf  students who use NZSL.

The information currently includes:

● The NZSL@School Guidelines for Schools and Educationalists

● The NZSL@School Guidelines process flowchart.

●The NZSL@School Application Form ­a form to apply to access NZSL@School
- to be completed by schools.  NEW APPLICANTS ONLY

●The NZSL@School Resourcing Form  
– a form to access NZSL@School support for students on NZSL@School. Please download and save this form first, before completing.  REQUIRED EACH YEAR NZSL@SCHOOL SUPPORT REQUESTED

● NZSL@School Schools FAQ Information a brief overview of NZSL@School for schools which Deaf Education professionals are able to provide to schools

● NZSL@School Information for Parents

● NZSL@School Newsletters (see folder on the right hand side)


NZSL@School Contacts




Updated August 2017


June '15 Newsletter
NZSL@School Docs
Application Form
NZSL@School Resourcing Form
Example Resourcing form
Guidelines for Schools and Deaf Education Professionals
Process Flowchart
Parent Information
NZSL Advisory Group Sector Update
NZSL Sector Update 5 - 2017 06 13
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