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                Deaf Studies Resources The NZSL Online Dictionary now contains Maori translation all main glosses, and can be searched by Maori words. Strategies to Prevent Visual-Spilt Attention
          "Spilt-attention is an issue in the classroom because it overloads a 
               student's working memory," said Mather.  In this webinar, it shows 
               how by incorporating some visually based learning
               strategies,  they can go a long way 
towards eliminating traditionally
               low levels of academic achievements for deaf and hard of hearing 
               students. As a result of visual split-attention, the students 
               experience either high levels of cognitive load or cognitive 
               overload, adversely affecting their classroom performance. 
               However, Mather has found that recent research shows 
               there are strategies that teachers can use to reduce the
                effect of split-attention. 
  This webinar covered the following topics:
 Differences between auditory-oriented classrooms                                             and visually oriented classrooms. Impact of visual
split-attention on cognitive overload and working memory.                                
Shifting attention between visual fields in the classroom.
Strategies to reduce the effect of split-attention in various
types of classroom situations.
Teaching NZSL To Redcliffs Students

                     Helen Keller Speaks Out

                  Watch 'Closer' online at NZ On Screen
       Set in a small New Zealand town, Closer is the story of a deaf 
         teenage boy trying to come to terms with the death of his older
         sister. An emotionally locked-down father who has limited  
         knowledge of sign language compounds his struggle. Written
         and directed by David Rittey (We The Living), and co-written by
         poet Therese Lloyd, Closer is a moving portrayal of the power 
         and complexity of silence. Closer won Best Short Film and Best 
         Performance at the 2005 NZ Screen Awards and was selected  
         in competition at Cannes in 2004.

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