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                                 NZSL Week 
                                       May 2017                                                                   


Amber's Story 

                                  My Favourite Sign NZSL Week 2014

Have you got a favourite sign? My Favourite Sign is a new fun way that everyone, Deaf and hearing can
get involved with NZSL Week.

It’s really easy! Pick a word or a sign that means something to you, video yourself signing it, upload your
video to YouTube and email 
James Pole the link. We will check to make sure your video is family friendly
before it is released to the public.



       UC Expert Wants More Children to Learn Sign Language

                               Dr Dean Sutherland

Some students learn sign language but with many deaf New Zealanders and children
with hearing difficulties, more children should learn the language, UC researcher
Dr Dean Sutherland says.

New Zealand sign language is one of three officially recognised languages in the country.
There are many common misunderstandings about what constitutes sign language,
who can learn it and what the benefits of learning it are.

Public awareness of sign language has increased with the presence of sign language
Interpreters during press conferences and public events and the 2010 election of
Mojo Mathers, the first deaf MP to Parliament.

The 2006 census showed 24,000 people were using sign language. Most deaf children
will receive implants to help them hear better early in life but international research
suggests that relying purely on oral language without sign language does not alleviate
all communication, language and literacy difficulties experienced by deaf children.

Deaf children often struggle to develop age appropriate oral language and literacy skills.
However deaf children with deaf parents typically perform well in comparison to deaf
children of hearing parents.

As most deaf students in New Zealand are now integrated into regular schools they
will experience many challenges to develop their sign language skills as most of
their peers will communicate using speech,’’ Dr Sutherland says.


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