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                          Immersion Hui

               Immersion Hui Dates for 2017
Year 11, 12 &13+ Students
Monday 20th- 24th March 2017

Year 7-10 Students
Monday 12th-16th June 2017


    Contact Nirvana May: nmay77@vanasch.school.nz for more information
    and an application form.



What is an Immersion Course?
An Immersion Course is a five-day residential course designed to meet specific needs and interests of mainstreamed deaf/ hearing-impaired teenagers.

What would be involved in the programme?

Deaf Culture and Identity: This is a great opportunity for the teens to share their experience of growing up deaf/hearing-impaired; and to explore identity, values, D/deaf perspectives and the positives of being deaf.

Personal Development: These courses promote increased self-awareness and self-esteem, D/deaf role models and making choices are discussed, and assistance given with establishing personal goals.

Communication and Social Skills:  Each student’s understanding of communication is broadened through the many opportunities for interaction with other deaf students during their stay.

Transition to independent living: The students have the chance to experience flatting (including budgeting, planning and preparing meals) with support and guidance in the residential facilities at van Asch Deaf Education Centre.

Information Technology: Students will learn how to access deaf-specific information on-line and may have the opportunity to gain familiarity with design/animation/film-making programmes.

Day Trip: Each immersion course features a day trip with the high school students attending the Centre

 FUN: Having fun and making new friends is an integral part of the course, while gaining new skills to equip themselves for their future.

The specific topics for immersion courses are decided through consultation with families/whanau, Specialist Resource Teachers (SRT) and regional Resource Teachers of the Deaf (RTD). These courses are fully funded - including the costs of airfares, accommodation and food.

For more information please don’t hesitate to email Nirvana May:  nmay77@vanasch.school.nz

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