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      Preschool Residential Courses

Dates for 2018 Preschool Residential Courses

Term 1 - Week 4, 19th February 
               Week 9, 26th March  

Term 2 - Week 2, 7th May   
                Week 5, 28th May
                Week 9, 25th June

Term 3 - Week 3, 6th August 
                Week 6, 27th August

Term 4 - Week 5, 12th November 
                Week 7, 26th November 



 Kyla Cockrem is the Preschool Residential Course Co-ordinator for 2017.
Kyla is
organising the preschool courses and working with families during their time at van Asch Deaf Education Centre.
Kyla began her career working as a NZSL Interpreter in the North Island and later in the South Island. She left interpreting to have children and to support her dairy farming husband. Kyla trained as a Preschool teacher and has been working in Preschool for the last five years. She looks forward to meeting you and will be doing her best to make your time with us enjoyable and worthwhile. Please direct any queries relating to PRC to Kyla

       "An absolute must for all parents of Deaf/HI children who
to gain more knowledge and tools to help us as parents
        and the most important thing, help our children's future
        learning, to be practical and be pushed to their full potential."
        Shelley & Glenn Bullivant

         Paul the audiologist explains to Hannah what will
                       happen when he looks inside her ear.

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