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               VADEC & KDEC Combined BOT



Back row, left to right: Crystal Skinley, Merran Gwyndell, Tom Purvis, Krista Clifford, Bernadette Mulcahy- Bouwman, Chan'nel Kaa-Luke, Amy-Nicole Hartley, Jill Le Prou (Secretary), Rachel Douglas (Chair)
Front row, left to right: Ratu Ratu, Rachel Coppage
Absent: David McKee



                              BOT Meetings for 2018

Tuesday 6th March                             van Asch DEC


Friday 13 April                                     Kelston DEC                                                                                               

Friday 15 June                                      Wellington Airport Conference Centre


Friday 17 August                                 Wellington Airport Conference Centre


Sunday 23 September                        van Asch DEC

Monday 24 September                       Strategic planning Day - van Asch DEC         


Friday 30 November                           Wellington Airport Conference Centre


The venue will be adjusted to either KDEC or VADEC as necessary.


The Combined Board of Trustees of van Asch Deaf Education

Van Asch Deaf Education Centre and  Kelston Deaf Education Centre is
composed of six parent trustees, two student trustees and the two
Principals. Up to four additional trustees may be co-opted to ensure
that the views of the deaf community and the views of Maori are
represented on the board.

Our Mission – Our Vision



To ensure that our students learn in an environment

where they:

Belong, Grow, Excel and Choose



All deaf and hard of hearing in New Zealand will have the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy fulfilling and satisfying lives.

This is accomplished through early access to and the acquisition of language, excellence in teaching, family involvement, collaboration and best practice.


Strategic Imperatives

To raise and sustain the academic achievement of our

Deaf and hard of hearing learners

To promote the social and emotional health and wellbeing of our Deaf and hard of hearing learners











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