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              Information for Parents

                    The Toolbox  
              Things Young Deaf
             People Should Know 

The AttitudeTV Group are very excited to launch “The Toolbox”; a
suite of short films revealing life’s essential information - and its all
in New Zealand Sign Language!

These are web-based video resources aimed at young Deaf people
aged 16-24. The videos are designed to empower young people by
increasing their knowledge and ultimately leading to greater
participation and inclusion.



   NZSL Baby Sign Website


New Zealand Sign Language Reading Resources

The Ministry of Education collaborated with Deaf Aotearoa to develop selected
Ready to Read titles as e-books. These apps are targeted resources intended
to support effective guided and shared reading instruction for NZSL users. They are available through  iTunes or  GooglePlay and are free to download.


All e-books can be followed or read in English (text), audio and NZSL. In the series:

Shared reading texts

                            95 Decibels

95 Decibels is a powerful film about a young family who suspect their first
child isn't hearing.  Having limited experience with deafness, the parents
of Sophia must determine which medical options and communication strategies
will best serve their toddler daughter. They seek the advice of medical
professionals as well as parents of other hearing-impaired children in
coming to terms with the decisions ... making these decisions becomes
difficult and dramatic.

The Media Centre at van Asch has a copy of this DVD.

   Minister Of Health Hon. Tony Ryall

       Announces Bilateral Implant             

            Funding for Children  

                                      28th April 2014

  The Minister of Health, Hon. Tony Ryall, has  announced that
  the Ministry of Health will fund bilateral cochlear implants for
  children from 1 July 2014. A press release from the Minister's
  office can be viewed by clicking 
here. If you have any
  questions about your child's eligibility for bilateral implants
  or a second funded implant, or you  are a parent with a child
  who already has bilateral implants, please email 
  neil.heslop@scip.co.nz for further information.

  Details of the Ministry of Health's offer are still being worked
  through. An interim information sheet can be found 


                           Children's Hearing Tests

 How to Look After Your Child's Hearing Aids


            Andy Palmer - UK Parent of a
               Deaf Mainstream Child




New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters (NZSL) for Deaf
Parents with Children at School

From February 2013 the Ministry of Education will fund New
Zealand Sign Language Interpreters for Deaf parents so they
can contribute and participate in their children’s core
education activities.

The Ministry of Education has contracted iSign, through Deaf
Aotearoa New Zealand, to provide this service nationally for
2013.  This service is funded by the Ministry of Education
and will be free to parents and schools.  It will be provided
while childrenare attending primary and secondary school.


Core education activities are defined as:

·         Formal parent-teacher meetings

·         Individual Education Plan meetings

·         Attendance at prize giving/special assemblies

·         Attendance at any additional meetings with school staff
       where any aspect of a child’s education is being discussed

·         Attendance at school enrolment meetings

Information about this service, and how to access it can be
found on the Ministry website www.minedu.govt.nz or
www.iSign.co.nz.  The Ministry contact for any further
information is Carolyn Grace and she can be contacted
on 04 463 8953 or carolyn.grace@minedu.govt.nz

Ali Gets Hearing Aids-E Books
Ali Gets Hearing Aids EBook
Captioned Movies
Captioned Movies
Career Planit
Career Kete
Careers NZ
Child Disability Allowance
Child Disability Allowance
Decorate HA & CI
My Lugs
Skinit Decorations HA & CI
The Family Book
Getting Started
Getting Started
Going to the Hearing Clinic E Books
Going To The Hearing Clinic
Harvey Gets Grommets E Books
Harvey Gets Grommets
Hearing Equipment and Funding
Hearing Loss Simulation
How Does a Hearing Aid Work?
How Does a Hearing Aid Work?
How Does the Cochlear Implant Work?
How Does the Cochlear Implant Work?
Oliver Gets FM Book
Oliver Gets FM Book
How Does the Ear Work?
How Does the Ear Work?
Human Rights Complaints
Maths Activities for Home
Maths Activities for Home
Meillie Gets a CI- E Book
Mellie Goes to Nursery School
Mellie Gets CI
M Team- E books
Journey To Le Dem
In Search of Hearing
NCEA Results
How NCEA Works in NZSL
Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
NZ Educ Information
NZ Educ Information for Parents
NZ Federation for Deaf Children
NZ Fed for Deaf Children Website
NZ Relay
NZ Relay
NZSL Resources
Baby Sign App
Hairy Maclary with NZSL
NZSL Baby Sign
NZSL Online Dictionary
Rhymes with Sign
A Special Visit to Koro and Nanny
Dad's Snore
I Want To Fly
I'm the King of the Mountain
Is that an Earthquake?
Late for the Race
Me and My Dog
Talking to Nanny
The Crocodiles Christmas Jandals
The Hole in the King's Sock
The King's Birthday
The Rumbling Voice
The Safe Place
Tim's Costume
Oliver Gets Hearing Aids
Oliver Gets Hearing Aids
Parent Groups
Signed Stories
ITV Signed Stories
My BSL Stories
Specialist Services
Specialist services leaflet
Strategic Documents
Wilson Report Direction
The Limping Chicken
The Limping Chicken
The Toolbox in NZSL
The Toolbox in NZSL
The Vision Book
Will Wonder E Books
Will Wonder & his Robot Ears
Will Wonder & Chain of 3
Will Wonder & Chain of 3
101 Ideas for Families
!01 Ideas for Families of Deaf Infants