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             New App for Deaf Maori Students

Rūaumoko - The Rumbling Voice” is the first ever digital book
created for deaf Māori students. The story of Rūaumoko helps 
deaf students connect with their whakapapa and makes them
feel powerful and valued. It was made with the help of Ministry
of Education, Kelston Deaf Education Centre, CORE Education
Ltd, and KIWA Digital. You can view the story by downloading
the app which is available on the App Store and Google Play. 
The app is free. Please note: this is a very large app, needs
lots of storage. 

Website: http://www.kiwadigital.com/showcase/ruaumoko-the-rumbling-voice/

The NZSL Online Dictionary now contains Maori translation
all main glosses, and can be searched by Maori words.

             25 Maori Concept Signs
                   Produced by Deaf Aotearoa


                                          Manu Tiria
                                  E Hara
                            Maku re pea

                              He Honore

                               Te Aroha
                                 Three Kete of Knowledge 
Maori artist, Letitia Rahui, from Napier painted this tryptic on a visit to the Centre
with her son, Taylor. The paintings represent baskets of knowledge thought to be
relating to the senses, the intellect and the heart.  The names of the baskets and
the precise knowledge identified and valued however, varies from Maori tribe to
tribe. The paintings are a source of inspiration for student learning as they
hang in our Whare Tuawera.
  Onuku Marae

                             van Asch School Song

           (Written and sung by the late Ritchie Tahana)

The New Zealand National Anthem in NZSL, Maori and English
            The Legend of Tuawera

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Aotearoa - Place Names
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