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van Asch Museum

               The Centre's Museum was set up in 1997. It contains material
              that covers the Centre's long history. 

                     If you wish to view the Museum or request information        
                       please email first to vmuseum87@vanasch.school.nz 
                               Viewing is strictly by appointment only.

              In the media gallery there are some photo albums that have
              more detailed photos.  

              75 Years Progress  - Sumner School for Deaf
                                          Historical Film Clip
                                       Archives NZ

            Sumner School for Deaf - Historical Film Clip
                                    Clip starts at 3:35    Archives NZ
History of name changes:
The school's first name was "Sumner Deaf and Dumb Institution", it
changed its name in 1884 to "Sumner Institution for
Deaf-Mutes".  Approximately about 1906 the name changed again to
"Sumner School for the Deaf" where it remained for many years until
1980 and changed to "van Asch College", then in 1995 it changed to
"van Asch Deaf Education Centre" until the present day.

Gerritt van Asch was the first Principal of the "Sumner Deaf and Dumb 
Institution" from 1880 to 1906.  

   An Early Photo of the Pier on Sumner Beach About 1904

1942 -1945.  The School for Deaf was based in this building during the
war years in Fendalton, Christchurch.  

A class in 1945 at the Fendalton building during the war.

1966 Class on the Steps of Old Main Building

                1953 Hearing Aid

These were some of the earliest hearing aids, also known as body aids.
They usually were worn on the chest in a special H shaped strap. They
were big, bulky and sometimes uncomfortable to wear. Students used
to hold them with one hand while running around because they used
to jump out of the pockets on the strap and break. They were used for
a long time until the more modern ones came in the late 1960s and
early 1970s.

              1958 Girls Netball Team

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