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Paul Peryman,
MNZAS, Senior Audiologist

Tel: +64 3 326 6009 / extension 826
email Paul at paul.peryman@deafeducation.nz
38 Truro Street, Sumner, Christchurch, 8081.
PO Box 17715, Sumner, CHCH, 8840, New Zealand.

Carol Flexer - The Ear is the Gateway to the Brain

4 Cool Hearing Aid Accessories

cool hearing aid

The best looking hearing aids are the ones that you’re
proud of wearing! 

Whether you already have a cool Caribbean Pirate-colored Phonak Sky
 or a classic beige one, there are lots of ways to customize hearing aids to your own personality. 

Everyday, we work on breaking down the stigmas and negative
perceptions of hearing aids, and we celebrate those in our community
who are playing an active role in helping their loved ones overcome the negative perceptions of hearing technology. Parents, partners, and the
adult children of aging parents can help their loved feel more comfortable 
with their hearing aids by talking openly about them and educating others.

Our Instagram community is especially great with showing off their
hearing aids, so with with some of their awesome photos of their cool
hearing aids, we’ve put together a few looks that we love!

Hearing Aid Headbands


These hearing aid headbands seems to be super popular in our
community, with many parents using them to keep hearing aids on
little ears. Cute and functional!



SkinIt provides perfectly sized stickers for Phonak hearing aids, in pre-designed or customizable designs. We love this super hero design that
we spotted on Instagram. 

Cute cozies

 These little knitted hearing aid cozies are like little hugs for your
technology. These fun, child-friendly creations are handmade by a
Japanese mother of a son with hearing loss. As they say in Japan,

Ear Suspenders 

Colorful coils, cartoon charms and handmade suspenders. Ear
suspenders has lots of inspiration to make hearing aids unique. We
especially love that the kid-focused designs allow children to customize
their hearing aids with their favorite characters, giving them a reason to
feel proud and show off their hearing technology. 


How to Look After a Child's Hearing Aids

           Caring For Your Child's Cochlear Sound Processor


                    Click on the CC above for the closed captions to appear.

                             Samantha's Fun FM
                             and Hearing Aid Book

                                                This book is available on loan from the
                                       van Asch Media Centre and it is also on You Tube.


           Demonstration of a Hearing Loss - Mild to Severe


Hearing Aid Listening Check Video 


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Checking HA
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