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                    Student Information 

                   The Toolbox  
              Things Young Deaf 
             People Should Know 

The AttitudeTV Group are very excited to launch “The Toolbox”; a 
suite of short films revealing life’s essential information - and it's all
in New Zealand Sign Language!

These are web-based video resources aimed at young Deaf people
aged 16-24. The videos are designed to empower young people by
increasing their knowledge and ultimately leading to greater participation
and inclusion.

Download the words to your favourite songs ...


     You to Me; Me To You - Youth                   

National Deaf Youth Hui 2014

Studyit for NCEA Students


                                Watch the NZSL video
                            Click on the link below to watch the video

                 Communication Street 
'Communication Street' is a short animated video about problems
Deaf young people have communicating at home, with parents,
brothers and sisters. In a fun and entertaining way it looks at
things such as being woken up, not being told what's going on,
communicating in the car, not hearing someone calling for you,
and the age old arguments over subtitles. For each problem a
solution is also suggested by the 'Communication Street' voiceover

         Cyberbullying Information in NZSL
Click on the link below to watch the video in NZSL




                iPhone App - Phrase Me 
 A new iPhone app has been created for deaf and hard of hearing people
 to help them communicate with hearing people more easily. The app works by 
 displaying phrases or sentences of your choice on a large text display for other people
 to read. You can make the text look funky by choosing the colours and fonts. Users 
 can save the phrases in the app, ready to use again. You can also share phrases with
 other app users.

                 Deaf Awareness: Talk Normally    

         Deaf Awareness: Face me when you talk
                       Deaf Awareness: 
      Make sure I know what you are talking about
         Cochlear Implants and How They Work
      What to do if you are being Txt Bullied
       If you get scary, mean, rude or bullying txts from someone 
       you can report them to your mobile phone company or 
       Netsafe. Your mobile phone company can send a warning 
       to them and can cut them off the network BUT there are 
       steps YOU MUST follow:
       1. DON'T reply to the messages OR phone/text the number.
       2. Make a list of the time and date you received at least 4 
           bullying messages from that person. To show these are 
           unwanted messages this call list can ONLY start from the
           time when YOU STOPPED REPLYING.
       3. Keep the txts on your phone to show the phone company.

       Vodafone -  txt "bully" to 4001 and you will be called back 
                            within 2 working days or call 777 free from your 
                            mobile 8am to 8pm

      Telecom  -     call 0800 809 806 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday

      2degrees -     call 200 from your phone or 0800 022  022 from 
                             a landline  

      TelstraClear - call 0800 299 500

      Netsafe  -         0508 638 723

      If you can't hear on the phone use the NZ Relay Service to 
      make a call.  http://www.nzrelay.co.nz/Home

                  How to Access Captions on TV

                           Emergency 111 Deaf Text Service

            iPad, iPhone, iPod App for Movie Subtitles 
         Download this app for $1.29 so that you can watch
           subtitles at the movies on your iPhone, iPad or iPod


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